Refrigeration Equipment

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Display Cases

Regardless of what you're selling with the right display case you'll increase profit with impusle buys!

Reach-Ins Reach-Ins

Reach-in refrigerators are essential for all establishments. Choose from a plethora of models to accomodate your storage needs of any volume.

Walk-Ins Norlake Walk-In

Ideal for kitchens and restaurants that need to maximize cold storage space. Keep veggies, meats, and other food items at safe storage temperatures in any area.

Ice Equipment Manitowoc Ice Machine

Equip your business with a commercial ice maker. Regardless of your need we can find a unit for you. Choose from air or water cooler units from top vendors.

Undercounter & Work Top Undercounter

If you have limited space, an undercounter or worktop fridge or freezer are perfect for you. Most models come with flat surfaces to serve as additional prep space.

Bar Refrigeration


Perfect for holding beer, wine, and liquor at the perfect temperature. Choose from coolers, dispensers, glass chillers, and more to fully otfit your business.

Ice Cream Equipment Soft_Serve_Maker

Whether you're storing pre-made or making your own from scratch, we have the perfect unit for you.

Refrigerated Prep Tables Refrigerated_Prep_Table

These prep refrigerators have flat tops for preparing food items as well as refrigerated space underneath for storage. You'll find configurations and sizes to meet storage and prep needs for any stand, food truck, pizzeria, or sandwich shop.